If you entered this page, it means you're looking for some infos about how could it be the musical aspect of "YOUR DAY", that is your wedding day!

Perhaps somebody told you about me... Perhaps you read or listened something about me somewhere...

If you did not, I'm basically going to explain what I do, how, and likely with whom!

Since 2016, basic settings are made of 3 SERVICES: ACOUSTIC live (vocal & guitar) for the aperitif, live on KEYBOARD as background music for lunch or dinner, DJ SET Happy Music/70/80/90 - Commercial Rock - Group dances after "Wedding Cake CUT" till the day/night fades.


ACOUSTIC LIVE for the aperitif, is something born "step by step", on demand by a couple, and tried in duo with one of my collaborators...

Once I saw it worked fine, I decided to make it in SOLO too!

Basically, if the aperitif is long enough, my performance is without any breaks, lasting about an hour and a half more or less, and perhaps is the best part of the day, intense and with a "real gig" flavour, creating a convivial atmosphere that welcomes guests as they come...




My sound changes once everybody's seated, with sets made of 5/6 songs each, interspersed by breaks, so to give room to the guests for chatting or enjoying banquet, or friends that may have prepared surprises for you, various and possible! :-)


Line-ups may vary being:



The Acoustic Aperitif and DJ-set are both included in every line-up, obviously choosing the best one relying on:



Repertoire, boasting of years of experience and knowledge of songs, may be customized (as far as possible ^_^), but surely I'll do whatever I can to satisfy your needs, requests and above all "your song" or most favourites... always if you have it! ;-)



Sadly, not being a "virtuous" of the guitar, the Wedding March like the one in the video, you may have it only when I'm paired with the guitar player!

Videos are filmed here and there, and in the most different situations, then often I don't always have the time to place an equipment to film/record (although most of the video you see are made by a dear friend and videomaker Ivan Barrea), so, the best thing to do, and my personal advice, is to come see me play live, better incognito, or picking up the phone and give me a ring at

+39 347 28 47 317

so to have a nice conversation!



To conclude, so I let you go, my services include:

Anyway, in the "audio/video" section or in the music player you can listen to several different tunes... THE singer is always ME, so in case you like, we can discuss together about the rest! ;-)